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About the Firm

Fallon, Bixby, Cheng & Lee, Incorporated is the oldest continuing immigration law firm in San Francisco. It was founded by Joseph P. Fallon, Sr. in 1925; in the 1940s, Mr. Fallon invited his son Joseph Fallon Jr. to join and later take over the firm. Mr. Fallon Jr. remained a partner until in 1983. Mr. Fallon Jr. had met Mr. Robert Bixby when they both served in the U.S. military during World War II. He invited Mr. Bixby to join FBC&L, Inc. in the 1980s. Ms. Angeli Cheng started working for the FBC&L, Inc. in 1971 as a paralegal; after taking time off to attend law school, Ms. Cheng returned to the firm in 1980 as an attorney and became a partner in 1985. Lucy Fong Lee took over the firm from Ms. Cheng in May 2000.

FBC&L, Inc. exclusively practices immigration law, an area of the law that is complex and ever-changing. We enjoy a wealth of knowledge based on our past cases and the experience of our attorneys and legal staff. We are constantly adapting our practice to meet the evolving needs of our 21st century clientele. FBC&L, Inc. handles a wide variety of family-based and employment-based immigration cases as well as U.S. citizenship matters. We welcome challenging and unusual cases, pride ourselves on our responsiveness to clients and work diligently to provide the best solution to each client’s unique immigration matter.

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